ST.Francis HepatoDR


  • Liver Detox: Our liver cleanse liquid formula helps the liver remove the body’s accumulated waste products
  • Liver Protectant: This liver support supplement protects the liver against harmful substances in what we eat and in our environment and reduces unnecessary stress on this vital organ. Features milk thistle, whose active ingredient known as silymarin is capable of promoting cell repair and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Helps in Managing Liver Degenerative Disorders: With the liver cleansing, detox, and restorative effects of Hepato DR, your liver can also be efficiently relieved of the symptoms of degenerative disorders it may suffer from.
  • Increases Bile Production: Our liver supplement brings added liver support by increasing your body’s bile production, which is important for digestion. This feature is attributable to the globe artichoke ingredient, which also contributes to liver detox.

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