Get in shape, feel great and lose 10lbs before March Break with an easy to follow, no non-sense 30 SHRED nutrition plan.

Participants will receive:

  • A custom 30 day one off meal plan detailing exactly what to consume in order for you to hit your short term shred goals. Custom meal plans will be made to suit your gender, age, food preferences and current or intended exercise level for best results.
  • Daily water guidelines
  • Suggested vitamins, minerals and supplements (optional)
  • Starting photos and ending photos taken by Howe Fit Kingsville staff (local clients only)
  • Weekly measurements taken by Howe Fit Kingsville staff (local clients only)
  • Distance clients will be supplied with 4 Week measurement sheets and HOWE TO: take starting and ending photos for at home use.
  • Email access to Coach Patrick or Coach Carter during the 30 day period for questions, assistance or support.
  • Weekly re-feed meal guidelines for one fun, off plan meal per week.
  • Facebook Group chat for additional support and encouragement. (optional)
  • $100 Howe Fit Gift Card will be given to the client with the best SHRED results over the 30 day period.

·         Program Begins: Jan 30th, 2023

Howe Fit In Person Members: $109 plus tax

Online Members: $99 plus tax


All you must do is select your food choice from the supplied shopping list, weigh your choice, cook it, and then eat. Yes, it’s that SIMPLE!!

We regularly hear feedback such as:

  • “This is so easy.”
  • “I am losing weight and can eat this way forever.”
  • “I am eating with my family and losing weight.”
  • “I am usually scared to eat out, this is so simple.”