Solaray Garlic


You know it as a tasty addition to your sauces, stews and stir fries. But garlic can help support radiant health in a variety of ways. This fragrant, sun-grown herb may be one of the world’s oldest cultivated plants, and its many uses and benefits could be the reason.

A popular supplement for health support, powerful antioxidants in garlic may help support healthy immune function, protect against damaging free radicals and provide impressive support to heart health. Taken regularly, garlic helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels already within a normal range and supports proper circulation and cardiovascular function.

Solaray Garlic is made from the whole bulb, with no fillers or additives. Our garlic is a product farming that improves soil and water quality, supports small farming operations, and is part of the Solaray commitment to help you, and our planet, shine!

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