The K.I.S.S. 12 Week TRANSFORMATION Nutrition Program (Keep it Simple Stupid) removes much of what people dislike in a program, such as:

·         eating specific foods (choose from a shopping list what you want to eat)

·         no tracking your food in an app

·         no need to eat at specific times or every 2-3 hours

·         no cooking separate meals like with other plans

What it does offer is:

·         a custom meal template (based upon how you eat, be that 2 or 4 meals per day)

·         freedom to enjoy a takeaway or a meal out in a restaurant twice per week

·         little preparation beyond what is normal for you

Consistency is KEY!

All you must do is select your food choice from the supplied shopping list, weigh your choice, cook it, and then eat. Yes, it’s that SIMPLE!!

We regularly hear feedback such as:

  • “This is so easy.”
  • “I am losing weight and can eat this way forever.”
  • “I am eating with my family and losing weight.”
  • “I am usually scared to eat out, this is so simple.”

Our program is about finding you a way to be consistent beyond the 12-weeks and giving you the BEST chance to keep the weight off.

Program Begins: Monday September 19th (registration closes September 10th, 2022)

Option 1: Nutrition Coaching Only (online)

Option 2: Nutrition Coaching + 1-on-1 personal training (to be completed in either Howe Fit – Harrow or Howe Fit – Kingsville)

Option 3: Nutrition Coaching + 1-on-1 personal training + 3 month unlimited group fitness membership with access to training in either location.

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